an update

simon and garfunkel at the new orleans jazz festival

being stupid with my best friend lauren
my little cousin ellie at the bay in cape cod

my new fake miu miu heels from forever 21
just looking like a little poop in my pajamas. my bathroom isn't that cluttered anymore, i promise!

the past year, i have neglected this blog. i am getting back into the hang of things, so i've figured a post like this might be nice. it's just an update on my past year, what i've been doing, and all those boring things. lots of love!


because i haven't posted anything in a while... but more regular outfit posts coming soon! it was about time.

well i'm touching up my room a bit, so i'll put some befores up and then afters once its done. here are some cool pictures i've found (i have an entire folder and could not tell you the websites for each picture, my apologies). they're all lovely. my room will hopefully look like a fairytale.

that middle picture is kind of cheesy, but i want to spell out a quote i like in some purple/blue/green colors (less yellows and what not). i will also be adding my christmas lights on the walls tomorrow morning! and i plan on making a mobile to clip photos onto.