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an update

simon and garfunkel at the new orleans jazz festival

being stupid with my best friend lauren
my little cousin ellie at the bay in cape cod

my new fake miu miu heels from forever 21
just looking like a little poop in my pajamas. my bathroom isn't that cluttered anymore, i promise!

the past year, i have neglected this blog. i am getting back into the hang of things, so i've figured a post like this might be nice. it's just an update on my past year, what i've been doing, and all those boring things. lots of love!


because i haven't posted anything in a while... but more regular outfit posts coming soon! it was about time.

well i'm touching up my room a bit, so i'll put some befores up and then afters once its done. here are some cool pictures i've found (i have an entire folder and could not tell you the websites for each picture, my apologies). they're all lovely. my room will hopefully look like a fairytale.

that middle picture is kind of cheesy, but i want to spell out a quote i like in some purple/blue/green colors (less yellows and what not). i will also be adding my christmas lights on the walls tomorrow morning! and i plan on making a mobile to clip photos onto.


this blog is no longer primarily about fashion

"I never diet. I smoke. I drink now and then. I never work out. I work very hard, and I am worth every cent." -Naomi Campbell

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Who Are You Wearing?

Laura and Kate Mulleavy have created some marvelous frocks for the Winter 2010 Olympics.

What do you think? I'm excited!


A Happy Camper!

I got sick and missed a day of school, and ever since, I've been behind! I'm so sorry that put me behind on blogging as well (it's no excuse)! Even after all of the homework I finished today, before school on Monday I have to:

1) Start + finish a science project
2) Read 40 pages of a book for English
3) Study for a History quiz (that will count double for me because I missed taking the quiz before)
4) Study for Math "Quest"
5) French Homework + Study
6) Make a million notecards for all of my classes
7) Physics Lab Write-up
8) Physics Homework
9) Geometry Homework

It might not seem like a lot, and thankfully none of it is hard work (except that geometry test), but it's just so much work I'm worried about finishing it all! And I really need to step up for the math test & history quiz! woooot well enough about school sjfowelsjkhf

ANYWAY that's an explanation and, again, not an excuse. ANYANYANYWAY I took a study break (I got homework done yesterday too) with my friends and we took some stupid pictures. I just thought this was better than nothing. WOW HOW GREAT! SEE WHAT I WEAR WHEN I'M LOUNGING!

but whatever I've missed you all! and posting

My tights are from J Crew, my shorts (which you can't really see) are from a thrift shop, my sweatshirt is my dad's from when he was young. If it helps, it's Nike.


Just Being Miley jokes.


London, Paris, Home.

I had the most magnificent time in Europe! I can finally say I have left the US, and I am sure glad I did. London and Paris are divine, it's such a pain coming back. I know this is going to turn into the longest post ever with all of my pictures and descriptions, but I might as well get started.

So here's just a pointless picture of me at the airport getting ready to fly to Europe.

First off was LONDON!

On Christmas day, we went on a silly but fun bus tour of the city. We got off at a few stops to explore and take pictures.

That picture's just random and so are all of the other's of London to come.

Oh! And this is random but I took all of these pictures myself (unless they are of me, then my family took them) on my Nikon D3000.

And I know these pictures get cut off on the right, I'm in the midst of finding a solution for that.

Look! It's the Tower Bridge

I'm sorry for looking so ridiculous, really. Oh by the way I'm on the left with that stupid hat. If you have any questions about what I'm wearing, just comment below and I will respond.

Then we went on the eurostar to PARIS! These next picture I am just arriving at the station in Paris.

You can guess I took most of that shampoo home ;) but COME ON, it is Herm├Ęs.

It's the Christmas Village! I believe the ferris wheel, shops, carousel, etc. were only there for Christmas week. I loved it.

My oh my - bringing some Rodarte x Target to Paris!

Holy Jesus I got so many foreign magazines! I love them so much you have no idea.

The view from outside a balcony at the Louvre! beautiful.

I'm starting to think I should have constructed an order for these pictures. Too late now!

Got to get YO YOgurt fix.

It's not everyday you see this kind of beauty.

It's kind of funny because I wore dresses and tights almost everyday, but only got pictures of myself in pants. I am not a pants girl. Comment if you have any questions, and if I didn't express this, PARIS WAS MY FAVORITE. London was, of course, amazing. no hate intended.

okay fine one more little one. i can't take it paris is too stunning!