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Such an inspiration.

Chris Heads

I've been loving his pictures and website lately - just wanted to share.
All photos from chrisheads.com

spend spend spend recession spend

Today was to be the most exciting day ever! My generous mother drove me an hour to our nearest Target to experience RODARTE. Sounds divine, right? And then, after frantically searching the store for what seemed like forever, the lady who worked there told us Rodarte for Target opened today at the other Target Location, but not until tomorrow at ours. Let me tell you we do NOT get to Target often, and I was so bummed. How can I let tomorrow pass knowing my dreams will be sold out in a second. If only I were old enough to drive myself... Okay obviously this whole story is really over exaggerated. Let's thank God if this is the worst thing that ever happens, right? I ended up buying gloves, silk underwear (don't laugh - Los Angeles doesn't quite prepare you for winters in Paris), and a leopard blow dryer! It's really trannylicious, so that's a plus plus plus. I'm guessing you want to full picture, so

Anyway, I decided to make a Christmas Wishlist (for absolute fun)! My wonderful gifts this year are my camera (my parents helped me out), our Europe trip, and my Marc by Marc Jacobs coat for Europe! I have never owned a coat before this, so I'll post pictures of me wearing it in Paris. The list is more things I'm coveting, not physically wanting. Does that make sense? I am guessing not. Anyway, I will not get this stuff, nor am I asking for it. But we can all have dreams, right?

1. WWD online+print subscription

2. The Catwalk Cats

3. ANY Rodarte for Target I could possibly get my hands on

4. Chanel No. 5

5. LV black sheer monogram tights

Now let's talk about charity, because all I ever talk about on this blog are fashion and things I want to buy. Most people who are into fashion seem to be offended when others call its superficial, but I am a fashion maniac and I even admit it. While it is more importantly a form of art, it ignores the people in the world who would do anything for shoes and a winter coat. There's definitely more I could be doing to help, and it's the holiday season and everything. As much as I wish I could help every cause in the world, I'd like to pull a Warren Buffet and put my money into Bill Gates's charity, you know? It would be nice to really make a difference in one or two charities, so I would gladly take any suggestions for charities any of you guys know of that needs long-term help.

Okay this was a boring post - but anyway I hope I can post closer to daily now! I really miss blogging and want to get back into the swing of things. More outfits and pictures soon, I promise!



Cause I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady All you other Slim Shadys are just imitating

Hello Hello Hello Everybody!
I've been so inconsistent, but I am back (back again, julia's back, tell a friend), but I have loads of good news.

Number One:
JE VEUX is launching this Saturday -just in time for the holidays! If you're not familiar, Je Veux is a magazine created by colleague Devin Barrett and myself. Expect tidbits of music and art, but fashion is our primary focus. Anyway, we have been slaving away (especially Devin, the Grace of this issue) to bring you a glossy that we aspire to further your expectations. While it would be great if you could keep in mind it is our first issue, please disregard our age. We are just fifteen years of age, but our demographic remains the same as that of a magazine created by glossy geniuses much older than ourselves. JE VEUX will be posted on and available for print shortly after. Please read!

Number Two:
As promised, I saved up enough money for a Nikon! I have purchased the d3000 and have effortlessly fallen in love. There are many pictures (including some silly first ones at the end of this post) soon to come!

Number Three:
Paris awaits me in one week! This will be my first time traveling to Europe, which means means PICTURES, REVIEWS, CLOTHES, everything and anything. French I this year is not my strongest subject, but let's hope its gets me through Paris. Thank God for my few days in London. Speaking English will probably be a nice break from thinking so hard. But let's face it, all that is on my mind is Paris! Any suggestions (restaurants, shopping, museums, etc.) would make for well-appreciated comments.

Number Four:
It's almost Christmas! No hate - I am Jewish, but Christmas has always tended to be a favorite. And how could I forget about Kwanzaa. My post titles are now red and my visited links are green in order to celebrate the festivities.

Happy Holidays everybody! Oh, and here are those useless but funny pictures:

note: the pictures are getting cut off on the right. any help would be lovely!!??