There's Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

Hey guys! I stumbled across this blog and thought the concept was really cool! It turns out that the blog belongs to one of my best friends who's been keeping it a secret for only the elite! Please check it out and note that it's nowhere near finished and still up and coming! If you like the concept, email her at theresmonalisasandmadhatters@gmail.com!


Red Lipped Wonder

I promise one of these days I will have enough for my Nikon D60 and stop taking pictures with my laptop. For now, it's what I've got. I'm very sorry! I still do hope you enjoy the outfit.

I really don't look like myself in those pictures, it's weird. My face looks like it belongs to someone else. Strange. And here was my sad attempt of writing "Table of Contents" in Baskerville Old Face (Vogue's font). I thought it was funny. I look more like myself here, even if it isn't my best picture and shows I can't copy a font for my life.

Erin Fetherston

This is definitely my favorite of Erin's videos so far. I loved all of the others, but they got a little boring. Enjoy!


And They Called Him The Sartorialist

While on the prowl for inspiration, something just keeps bringing me back to The Sartorialist. You see, I often feel a lack of inspiration and start desperately searching magazines, blogs, websites, etc. Let me first express how Scott is an inspiration in himself. He makes me want to save up for that Nikon D60 and start carrying around release forms on the street. Then I can assure you the bare walls of my room and my blog would both be full. Well in the mean time, I will share with you some of my favorite images from The Sartorialist. Some of them are older while some are recent. And if Scott himself ever comes across my blog (in my dreams) and sees the post, I hope he gladly emails me (je_veux@ymail.com) if he wants me to take them down. Ideally, he would let me keep the images up here on The Stylish Spot to share with the world. The words I just wrote were long, boring, and used the word "inspiration" way too many times. My apologies.



Here is the first picture:

I like this outfit very much. The glasses and hair kind of ruin it for me. Otherwise, the picture is stunning. Maybe I will crop off her head... hahhaah but don't get me wrong this picture is divine.

I love this cover so much. They both look so gorgeous.

Olsen love. Again, I wish I could make this bigger!

I don't love Leighton all too much, but I love this! For the millionth time, the size :(

Some Luella love.

Oh so inspiring.


Thank You!

So much Charlie of http://meemawmoo.blogspot.com/ for my header!

I think your name is Charlie haha well thank you!



I just have been feeling this in my head for so long and need to express it. I am in love with Laura Mulleavy, Kate Mulleavy, and Rodarte. Never has any designer (well designers in this case) taken my breath away like the Mulleavy sisters have. Every single collection of theres 1) makes me want to live in a land called Rodarte where Kate and Laura rule all and make the whole place like a living Rodarte Fashion show 2) sell everything I have just to afford something from any of their collections 3) sneak into their showroom 4) cry happy tears.

Obviously I am not the first to think this and this isn't some sudden realization, it's just that I wish my life were Rodarte. I hope that makes a little bit of sense. Just recently did I actually research the Mulleavy sisters and they have just made me admire Rodarte even more. They are seriously the coolest people on this planet and in this entire universe and cannot begin to explain how fantastic they are.

After browsing multiple photos of the runway shows on Style.com, it was obvious I would never find any designer who would make multiple collections and leave me drooling over every single piece. I was wrong because I have found two, Laura and Kate Mulleavy.

I last night had a dream that I was a Mulleavy sister! No joke, I was their little sister. It was the best experience ever in my life of reality and dreams. It was just ahhhh I can't even explain.

By the way I am sure you are reading this post and going "Julia is the worst writer on the planet" but I am just gushing of excitement and do not know how to organize my thoughts right now.

Within this post you have seen tons of random pictures of the Mulleavy sisters, Rodarte's designs, etc. I hope you enjoyed them because I know I sure did.



JE VEUX BLOG! FOLLOW GUYS (this is my magazine)
first post by style director devin barret (and btw i have no doubts for the collection! i'm sure ill buy way too much!)

please follow me i am hoping to post important things



these are most of the things i got in new york
every thing's from H&M except for the black tutu dress and the pink strapless dress
those are from topshop

so thats my light blue h&m dress

that was my black shirt w/ zipper and skirt from h&m

that was the black stud dress i got at topshop

floral jacket from h&m

pink dress from topshop

those are some things i got in new york!! i have missed blogging and if you comment tell me which photo you think i should do something with to make my new blog header and just how you are doing!!