Lots of Exciting News!

1) I got a twitter! Follow me (twitter.com/juliacates)
I have none yet, so be the first!

2) I am going to sell some of my clothes on a new blog. I know, so not original, but I just cleaned out my closet for the first time since 5th grade.

3) I am going to be doing a HUGE post soon covering everything New York, a ton of outfits, and maybe a contest or something big because I HAVE OVER 100 FOLLOWERS!



I am so sorry for my lack of posting. It's really not okay! haha
Well I have been taking non-credit courses for high school students at FIT.
Thursday is the last day of class and I get home Saturday night.
Hopefully on Sunday I go out and buy my Nikon D40 (yay no more webcam outfit posts!) and do a BIG post about New York.

I have so much to tell all of you viewers! Speaking of viewers, thank you so much everybody! I can't believe I have 94 followers! I freaked out when I got 20. 94??!?!?! That's crazy! I can't believe I am 6 followers away from 100. Thank you all for reading!

I cannot wait to start posting WAY more regularly. Once a week, at the least. I am also looking for advertisers (so I can get a little money and put it towards the camera). I am still getting the camera, but I still need to raise about $300... I have $200 set aside right now and my lovely parents are pitching in. Of course I need to start getting some money to pay them back!!

Ahh sorry that was probably really boring and nothing you wanted to read. Anyway, keep on following, commenting, and most importantly reading (and hopefully enjoying)!
I have the new top commenters gadget (which needs a little fixing up) but comment comment comment! Then you're name will be up there and you could have people clicking your name easily and getting to your blog. Just one click! Right now, it takes you somewhere weird but start commenting now becuase I promise you I will fix it and you will want to be on there :)

Anyway New York has been amazing! I had the best experience of my life but I feel like I'm not allowed to post it here? I'm not sure but I don't want to disrespect the people who gave me the wonderful opportunity! I took a tour of my dream office, let's just say that. Maybe one day I will intern at this place, let's pray. haha innn my dreams. But seriously, if I work hard it can happen!

Okay I feel like this must be a snooze to read. Let me find a picture to add.

Oh here's one! I am using it as a fake cover image for my magazine class at FIT. No one will see it, I'm not trying to steal the photography or anything! I just don't have a camera so that's a bit of a problem. I ended up finding pictures via blogs and such. This I just googled Lanvin for inspiration and this pretty picture popped up.

Sorry I couldn't make it big. I'm on a PC and I am such a mac person that I am just getting confused.

Best wishes everyone!!

Love Always,




Click it.



Hello everyone! I would just like to inform you of Je Veux Te Voir's status. Well there is no more Je Veux Te Voir.

Je Veux Te Voir is now Je Veux! The name is shorter and a little less stalkerish. I want is just a bit cooler than I want to see you.

So Je Veux Te Voir and Je Veux are VERY similar, I am just taking a new path to make our magazine extra special! It is most definitely a big hassle for me, and I am sorry if it acts as one for you too.

If you were supposed to write, do graphics, photograph etc. for Je Veux Te Voir, please disregard your role unless I have spoken with you in the past week or I email you today.

Please reapply for the job! Most likely, you will get it. If you want to write for Je Veux, send me an email at Je_Veux@ymail.com

If you want to let us use some of your photography or artwork (great for college resumes!), then please email us also at Je_Veux@ymail.com

Anybody who wants to advertise their product or store with Je Veux can do so for free for the first issue! Just email Je_Veux@ymail.com

Any questions or ideas should be emailed to Je_Veux@ymail.com

Thanks! Email Je_Veux@ymail.com

We are so excited to produce this more amazing magazine!


I'm In New York!

Hi everybody! I am in New York taking courses at FIT and will post some outfits when I get back to LA in early August.
I really love my courses! Kristin (editor of prim magazine) is in my first class and gave me a good idea! Well first, everyone should check out her blog at kristinprim.com

Like Kristin, I now have a widget called Top 10 Commenters. If you comment the most on my blog, your name shows up and when clicked on, will direct others to your blog. Your name will be big and hopefully you will get more blog viewers. So get on the list!

Just a fun New York picture? Hah I don't know.

Comment! And remember to look at Kristin's blog (kristinprim.com) and read Prim (primmagazine.com)!