Femme Fatale

Still $300 away from the good quality camera. I'm 40% there. I just need that 60%.
I'm thinking of pulling a Stylish Wanderer and selling some clothes and making some accessories. Would anyone be interested?

Anyway, here is my outfit. Sorry for the bad photographs!

DRESS: Thrift shop $1
DRESS (underneath, you can see the bow): Bloomingdales $I forget
SHOES: I forget!
PEARL EARRINGS - Bloomingdales
GLASSES: My eye doctor's office!




tattooed lovers they don't like to reminisce

More fun in the backyard. I'm $300 away from a camera! I used to be $500, so it's getting better. Soon I won't be taking all these pictures from my laptop's built in camera.

Cardigan: Wasteland
Beaded Flapper Shirt - Wasteland
Dress (worn as skirt): Aqua from bloomingdales (bought 2 years ago)
Shoes (I don't even think you saw them): Bloomingdales as well


Some Inspiration

I don't love Mary-Kate's outfit and I know this is pretty old, but it really inspired me. I seriously got the chills.

Anyway, I think I am dying my hair, and I don't know what color to dye it. If you have any ideas, comment with links to pictures and stuff. I have never dyed my hair before, so I am kind of scared?

Some Ideas (for color, not style):

http://thegirlfromtheghetto.files.wordpress.com/2008/05/olsen-twins-1.jpg (Mary-Kate's color without those blonde streaks near the front)

http://www.mary-kate-olsen.info/mary-kate-olsen.gif (I could have shown a picture of a lot of people, but I just thought we were already on the topic of mary-kate sooo...)


Blog Changes

Hello! I haven't posted in forever, I'm sorry. I'm still carrying around my macbook in the backyard and taking the blog pics on photo booth. The quality is still bad, and it's hard to take pictures of myself while holding a computer (that takes the pictures) or finding a place to set it down. Also, I'm thinking of changing my blog layout. Any suggestions?

Anyway, this is the outfit I'll wear to school tomorrow (I was planning on wearing it today but feel really sick and I'm not at school).

Oh look! It's my face. This is a shocker!!! And look at that weird light surrounding my nose!