Score! Haha I put a new thing on my sidebar. If you click the word "Oufits", then you will come to a page where all of the outfits posted on my blog show up.

I can do more like "Random Rants" or "Julia Being Weird", but I don't feel like it.

You guys can request more if you want to be able to see just one part of my blog besides outfits.

And some inspiration:


my blog song

keeps changing


We're Off To See The Wizard

Channeling the Dorothy within

new skirt (surprisingly from american eagle...??!!)
and surprisingly found on polyvore

I know they don't fit perfectly with the outfit
but come on, Dorothy without red slippers?
i had to just do one picture with them (even if it looks bad)

Hannah Montana

I am changing my blog song.
For my best friend Mason.
I will miss you more than you can ever imagine when you move.

Zig zag
across the floor
shuffle and diagonal
when the drum hits hands on your hips


Camp Style

I am shopping for camp and here are a few things I feel are necessary for camp.

summer wishlist for camp
summer wishlist for camp - by jujie on Polyvore.com

Let me explain a few:

A crop top may seem pretty 90s, but I really like the look. As long as it doesn't turn into a complete belly shirt, I think you are safe. (If you like triblend, check out the scrimmage shirt from American Apparel).

Soffe shorts! They look pretty ugly and "cheer" in pictures, but are very cute when styled well in a neutral color. I am going to get black and navy. (Check them out at soffe.com).

T shirts... you just need.
Denim shorts are always good.
Obviously you will need some supportive shoes and some flip flops.
I don't usually wear flip flops during the year, so again, I am getting black and navy. I am thinking of gray too.

And a fun polyvore to show you crop tops are cute (oh and not the tight ones) when styled a little more formally as well.

back in black
back in black - by jujie on Polyvore.com


Your Blog Rocks

I was tagged by Lee at http://supernothingisat.blogspot.com/

It was actually really cool because I had never seen her blog before, and it is exciting to be able to know that some really talented bloggers know of me and I don't know of!! But now I get to find out about them! (Ehhh emmm just thought I would put it out there that I was called the coolest middle school-er you will ever meet)

Now I tell 5 of you your blog rocks? I think that's how it works.

Well I will choose 5 people who probably have no idea who I am!!!!
So if you don't know who I am and I tagged you.....
But some of you will


1. Tavi of http://tavi-thenewgirlintown.blogspot.com/
2. Laura of http://lunasupernova.blogspot.com/
3. Jane of http://seaofshoes.com/
4. Rumi of http://fashiontoast.blogspot.com/
5. Arabelle (do I call you Belle?) of http://fashionpirates.blogspot.com/

Thanks for giving me this award Lee! It's on my sidebar =]


Outfit & Pogo Sticking


AND ADD US @ myspace.com/jeveuxtevoirmagazine

we need contributors (details on myspace)

anyway, the outfit is here & i used some pretty cool picnic effects:

haha yes some very cool effects
it was actually a day where it was good that i cover my face because when i pogo stick, some funny facial expressions come.

cardigan - j crew
dress - bloomingdales
hair clip (worn as bow brooch) - i'm not quite sure
leopard tights - mom's closet
shoes - urban outfitters
pogo stick - ancient


I was so excited for Alexander McQueen for Target. On March 4th I went to the website, and was disappointed. Nothing really appealed to me and none of it was that cheap.

Anyone agree with me? And if you haven't seen it... http://tinyurl.com/dyjuc7


now i know where i get it from

fashion that is

my mom in the early '90s



Cool Kids Anonymous

I wore an Eli Tehari military jacket (my mommy's) to school today w/ champagne colored my ballerina skirt (Aqua, Bloomingdales) and some killer heels (again, mom's closet).

Then I got some stuff in the mail I ordered from Urban Outfitters. I tried it on and here it is.

I also got some pretty boots but they didn't work with this outfit because I was already wearing shoes and I figured they would be cuter w/ something else.

SHIRT: Marc by Marc Jacobs Store - $35
SHORTS: Urban Outfitters - $28
SCOTTY DOG SOCKS (a.k.a. my life): Urban Outfitters - $4.99
CANVAS SNEAKERS: Urban Outfitters - $11.99

I know it's not my usual feminine style, but you don't know my style quite yet...

And now I am here to talk about the coolest magazine ever, Je Veux Te Voir!

Add us on myspace: http://myspace.com/jeveuxtevoirmagazine