She Wore Sock Puppets

Todays Outfit below. I tried something new... socks as gloves.

(Oh and which one should I put on lookbook.nu?)

And yes, I understand in the next picture you can tell they're socks.
Look below! Shhhh!! (Lookbook.nu worthy?)
Lace detail of dress:

Socks (worn as gloves) - Free People
Dress - Juicy Couture 2006ish (oh no! i was just reading this and i realized it looked like $2006 but its from the year 2006)
Flower Headband (worn as belt) - Urban Outfitters
Leopard Leggings - Boutique
Buckle Boots - Steve Madden
And I know you can't see them because of my big circle covered face, but I am wearing the new pearl stud earrings I got for Valentine's Day from my parents. I love them =]
(And they are from Bloomingdales)


Fall Fashion Week '09

Well, Happy Belated Fashion Week! As I checked out the slideshows on Style.com, I was astonished. My heart raced, head ached, fingers quivered. Never had a Fall Fashion Week been so brilliant. Sure, many times there is just that one collection that makes me freak, but overall this fashion week was a new definition of success. Let's review, shall we?

Ok, to be honest I had never heard of Phi until I saw the name on the list on Style.com. I am extremely excited I came across it because I think I am inlove.

The leather and the fur are just so sleek. I love the blacks and that stunning navy dress just puts me in awe.

Let's move on to Alexander Wing. He took the "Little Back Dress" and gave it edge. I loved every single piece.

And don't you love the off white dress? Classic edge.

Alright, well I will soon come back to review more. I have quite a lot to say, but I have to finish an outline for an essay on Arthur Miller's The Crucible.

Goodnight everybody.

Who knew Erin Fetherston could pull off feminine better than Luella Bartley?
My favorite collection of the season so far.
Enchanting, whimsical, a fairy tale portrayed on the runway.


A New Type of Ballerina Biker

Ehh, no leather, but the denim vest puts the biker in it... I guess.
This is what I am wearing today to go to a dance recital.

Denim Vest - Thrift Shop $2.50
Dress - Bloomingdales $44 (The dress happens to look stunning in person, but not in photographs... summary: the camera doesn't love you, sorry dress)
Navy Tights - Unknown
Black Ankle Boots - Nordstrom $100
Black Tank Top - Old Navy $5


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Inspiring Sundays

Some inspiration found today (a couple of which are from Teen Vogue). A lot of people say Teen Vogue is beginning to go downhill and Nylon is doing quite the opposite. I would care to kindly disagree. Teen Vogue's spreads always make me love fashion even more than I already do. The reason I do not like Nylon is mostly because of the layout. I like that they have some cool new ideas, but I get so confused when I read it. There are random outfits every so often, and I can't keep up. I do understand why people do love Nylon though. Anyway, here is the inspiration:


Luna Supernova

Never in my blogging career have I been so excited to post something on The Stylish Spot. I am pleased to announce this blog's new feature: Undiscovered Blogs. So many of the best blogs out there are unknown and need to be put on display.

I introduce to you Laura of Luna Supernova.

Laura's blog is very playful yet elegant. All of her outfit choices are brilliant. She makes fashion look so effortless. I love to see when she posts something new because I know it will be beautiful and eloquent.

I asked Laura a few questions for her point of view which you can see below: 

What/who inspires you? a lot of things are inspirational to me, i have a built up library of images in my head, people from lookbook, advertising campaigns, editorial shoots, designer collections which have appealed to me, an era or trend or simply a beautiful photograph. I build all my outfits around a single piece. I pick the piece then use my library of images to help myself build around it.
How did you get into the blogging community? I have made about 4 blogs before Luna, none of which ever really made it past the 1st or 2nd post. I gave up for a while, however people started asking me what my blog address was and I got sick of saying well actually I don't have a blog so I went ahead and created Luna.
Who are your favorite designers? It completely differs between seasons, but currently I love Stolen Girlfriends Club (a New Zealand label) and Lanvin. I really admire designers like McQueen, John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood who aren't afraid to take risks and revel in putting on a show.
Do you have any links to share (lookbook, chictopia, etc.)sure, my lookbook is http://lookboo k.nu/user/10347-Laura-A and my blog of course is http://lunasupern ova.blogspot.com/
Anything else? I'm excited to have written my first article for a fashion magazine, KAREN magazine, a New Zealand publication (http://www.karenmag .com/) so if you can get your hands on a copy then check out my article on the new generation of fashion bloggers in next months issue. And in the words of Andy Warhol - "in the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes" personally, I think our time has come.


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All She Needed Was a Rabbit Hole

My Alice inspired outfit.

Bow - I found it randomly in my bathroom $unknown
Shirt - My mom's, Ralph Lauren $unknown
Skirt - Luella - My friend gave it to me for my birthday $unknown
Light Pink Tights - My Ballet Studio Store $12
Hot Pink Socks - I found it randomly in my closet $unknown
Marc Jacobs Mouse Shoes - Bloomingdales $98 (big sale, originally $325)

I am Such a Liar!

I promised you all a rocker pink dress with black ankle boots. It needed accessories! The whole thing didn't work. The dress is gorgeous but it just was not going to please you. I am sorry. I will try not to make any false promises in the future.

But I am about to change into a new outfit and I'll post it. I wonder what it will look like.....



Tomorrow I will try something new. My style is usually so proper and feminine. I am going for a little rocker chic type look tomorrow. I am wearing a rocker-ish hot pink dress and ankle boots. No accessories. How risky! Well, we'll see how it turns out tomorrow. I will post pictures.


LOOKBOOK.nu: collective fashion consciousness.
Ok, this is an exciting day for me.I was invited to lookbook.nu! Check out my profile. It only lets you post one outfit per 8 hours or something like that, so I only have one so far.


Check me out!

LOOKBOOK.nu: collective fashion consciousness.