I Spy a DIY

I have a Krew jacket...

and yes, that is really me
what should i do with that old thing?

Luella Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection

Before I begin talking about Luella's Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection, I think we should review 2008s.

The 2008 collection was absolutely brilliant. Every ensemble on every model was planned out flawlessly with each piece. The hair and the makeup was a great touch and I love how they incorporated the bats. The whole look was so punkish chic - leather meets florals. I adore it. I went through the whole slideshow, and here are my favorite looks:

Remember - these are just the looks I love the most.

The 2009 collection was a little disappointing. Don't get me wrong, it was still amazing, but I was excepting so much more based on Spring 2008. I did not love the majority of the pieces in this collection, but the few outfits I did love were exquisite, even better than 2008.

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Playful Julia Takes a Break

As much as I love my colorful and playful pictures, they can make me dizzy. I think I need a break. For the next few posts, I will be blurring my face opposed to using funny shapes and trying out Poladroid.net.

I want to try out many new things and see what you guys like best (I will have a poll on my blog soon).

I want my blog to improve. Any suggestions will help.

I am also going to put some new music on. And any layout suggestions are welcome.

And here is a polyvore I recently made:
Sailor - by jujie on Polyvore.com



Lookbook, you do not understand how much I love you. I really would like to become a part of lookbook. Please choose me!

The Girl Who Lives in Her Backyard

Everydayl (well just since Tuesday) I have been coming home from school, going straight to the backyard, and taking pictures of the outfit I wore to school that day. Here is yet another outfit.

Cardigan -Bloomingdales $100
Dress - H&M $20
Tights - Free People $37 (yes, I understand they are almost identical to the socks)
Head Band - Urban Outfitters $20 (same one as the one in my other post, Little Miss Flower Girl)
Cowboy Boots - Flea market $30 (these are not the same ones as my post Crochet Socks & Silly Frocks, these are darker brown)


Working Dad's Shirt

Yes. The shirt is my dad's - he gets all the credit. Here is, again, my outfit from today.

Shirt (worn as dress) - Dad's
Belt - Gap Kids
Cardigan - H&M $16
Socks - American Apparel $20 or a little over
Shoes - Alloy $15


Crochet Socks & Silly Frocks

My outfit to school today. The jacket was last minute, Dad said it would be cold.

Jacket - Aqua - Bloomingdales$60ish
Dress - Thrift Shop $3
Socks - Free People $48 (don't shoot me! I had a gift card)
Cowboy Boots - Joan & David - Mom's $700 (she saved up for them during college, they're oldie boots i guess)
Bye my 9 viewers!

That is my beautiful beagle named Bugsy.
He is turning 7 on March 13th.
What a cutie!


The Mad Tea Party

Yes, Daniela of Frilly Fingertips (frillyfingertips.blogspot.com) and I love to have tea parties... mad tea parties. Then we find lady bugs and then just end up jumping. Please enjoy:

Light Purple Seersucker Dress - Kmart $5
Cardigan - Sutton Studio Bloomingdales Around $100
Sparkly White Tights - Bloomingdales $23
Silver Mouse Flats (not visible - at least I don't think they are - sorry) Marc Jacobs Bloomingdales $98 (BIG BIG BIG sale, originally $325)
Fake Pearl necklace (worn as headband) - Target $2

And to see the outfit details of Daniela (the darker haired girl), check out her blog at frillyfingertips.blogspot.com

"Well, I haven't had any yet, so I can't very well take more".
-Alice in Wonderland


New Header!

Thank you Daniela of Frilly Fingertips (frillyfingertips.blogspot.com) for making me my header. Everyone should go admire because she did a beautiful job.

Here is her picture:
Check out frillyfingertipsblogspot.com!

Under Construction

I am changing my blog. All of those flowers and the music just makes me a little dizzy. It is time for a simpler blog. 

Next time you see my blog...
It will be a masterpiece. 



Colorblock Roller Skates!

These roller skates are so cool. I am in love with them. Too bad my size is sold out =[.
They are from fredflare.com


Fairy Princess of the Flowers

Don't you wish you could be the Fairy Princess of the Flowers? I do. Here is me out trying to take on her role.

Dress - Unknown
Pale pink vest - Calvin Klein - Thrifted
Turquoise cardigan - Sutton Studios - Bloomingdales - Around $100
Tights - Unknown
Ballet shoes - My ballet studio store
The tiara - Unknown
The pink scarf - small botique - $12

Notorious Nikes

All my friends have been obsessed with Nike sneakers for a while now, but I thought Nikes would never work with my classic feminine style. As I flipped through the pages of Teen Vogue's February 2009 issue, I came across these fantastic Nikes that I could easily wear with my lacy dresses and tights. The best part... they're floral! Here they are - I hope you enjoy: