Mi Amor, Polyvore

I love the website Polyvore. My username is Jujie. Check it out! Here are some of my sets:

The Modern Day Mad Hatter by jujie

Outfit #6 by jujie

Marc Jacobs by jujie

Batty in Paris by jujie

My Funny Valentine

My favorite Teen Vogue spread has always been My Funny Valentine (February 2008). The spread was very inspiring, probably the inspiration for my style and wardrobe. Please enjoy.

For details of the clothing, check out http://www.teenvogue.com/style/market/feature/1008/01/valentine_20080103?slide=1


Hats Off to Headbands

Do not get me wrong, I am a huge hat fan, but sometimes hats can be inappropriate for certain occasions. When in doubt, wear a headband instead. Here are some headbands I love:

 Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters

Pret A Portobello


An Introduction to The Stylish Spot

The magazine rack in Gelsons had never looked so inviting. A variety so colorful screamed "Come get me"! I placed my hand slowly on each smooth cover, hoping one would stand out. As I touched House and Garden, maybe a little too hard, it fell straight to the floor. A different magazine, Teen Vogue, which had once rested behind House and Garden, newly revealed itself. I led my finger down side of the magazine; this was the one. I ran to the deli where my mother was ordering. As soon as she finished, I asked if I could buy the magazine, and she said yes. When we got home, I was ready to sprint to my room and read my magazine. This was not my mom's Gourmet or my dad's ESPN, this was the very first magazine that belonged to me. Emma Roberts was on the cover, so the first thing I did was skip to her interview. She mentioned an orange oversized sweater she wore with tights. That was the coolest outfit I had ever imagined; I needed to wear it! The next day at school, I strutted into the sixth grade classroom. I felt so confident in my mom's blue Ralph Lauren cable knit oversized sweater, black tights, and black high top converse. At recess, my teacher pulled me aside. She told me she was sure "[my] outfit [was] all the rage in fashion world, but it [was] not acceptable for school". I was always the kid to get teary eyed whenever a teacher reprimanded me, I strived to be perfect. I still do to this day, but that moment was different. I calmly smiled, and decided I was going to be a fashionista. To this day, I absolutely love fashion, and that will show in my blog, The Stylish Spot. Thank you so much for viewing my blog!